K2M – Celebrating Growth and Innovation Through Eight Years at NASS

Monday, October 22, 2012
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As K2M prepares to head out to Dallas this week for the 2012 NASS Annual Meeting, it seems almost hard to believe that we launched our first product only eight years ago at the NASS meeting in Chicago.

Just founded earlier that year in January 2004, we believed that if we could provide simple solutions to the most complex spine surgeries, surgeons and their patients would naturally find success in the less complicated cases. A few years later, in 2006, our strategy paid off with the success of K2M’s flagship MESA® Deformity System, a breakthrough, revolutionary, top-loading, and low-profile spinal system featuring Zero-Torque Technology® and 60° range of motion.

It was a comprehensive system poised to provide the surgeon the ability to one-step lock without torsional stress applied to the spine, and over the next six years, K2M introduced a number of innovative devices for spine surgeons who were tackling the most difficult cases to become a leader in the complex and minimally invasive approaches to the spine.

K2M’s pioneering distribution approaches, from establishing local training office facilities in key U.S. markets to new hires, allowed for stronger customer relationships and new treatment solutions. Closer communications around patient needs fueled innovation and opportunities around the world, and by NASS 2010, a strategic transaction with Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe allowed K2M to expand globally growing our business to meet the high demand for our innovative product portfolio, building out our international sales force and accelerating the R&D of our next generation technologies.

When K2M returned to NASS in Chicago last year with nine new technologies, many observers thought that was the culmination of all of our efforts – all that we had to offer. But that was just the beginning.

K2M’s strong financial partnerships have enabled the company to continuously deliver on its promises to physicians, patients and colleagues, and this year at NASS we are proud to showcase a comprehensive portfolio, including our revolutionary Rail 4D Technology.

More than ever, K2M is committed to building upon its proven track record as a leader in the complex and minimally invasive approaches to the spine.

Today, no longer the upstart of eight years ago, K2M proudly leaves for Dallas as the largest privately held spinal device company in the world, focused on developing innovative solutions for the full spectrum of spinal pathologies while delivering on its commitment to offer the best solutions for physicians and patients and the best place to work for colleagues in communities around the world. 

We look forward to seeing everyone in Dallas, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for NASS 2013 in New Orleans.