K2M Celebrates 10 Years of Spine Innovation

As K2M Enters Its Next Decade, It Will Continue to Change the Lives of Patients Around the World

Friday, January 24, 2014
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LEESBURG, VA … January 24, 2014 – In celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary, K2M Group Holdings, Inc. (K2M) President and CEO Eric Major delivered the following statement at its annual global sales meeting:

“Today K2M celebrates 10 years of entrepreneurial success and embarks on its second decade of achievement. What started in January of 2004 as a vision to be a leader in spine is today a global family of over 750 professionals. Since its inception, it has focused on innovating leading technologies for surgeons treating the most complex spinal conditions. In so doing, K2M has helped touch the lives of tens of thousands of patients around the world. On its 10 year anniversary, it is exciting to reflect on K2M’s leadership focus on scoliosis and the positive impact it has had on patients and their families.

K2M’s rapid development of over 57 spinal technologies and related techniques is a result of the company’s unique approach to innovation. Dr. Kostuik, K2M’s co-founder and champion of its patient focused culture, has always believed in the importance of valuing the voice of the surgeon. With that in mind, the company’s integrated product development strategy has focused on incorporating the input of a global cross section of key opinion leader surgeons. The collaboration between K2M engineers, researchers, product managers, clinical specialists and industry experts working closely with these leading scientific advisors has led to a broad portfolio of products.

K2M continues to have strong revenue growth and is well positioned for the future. As the company enters its second decade, it must expand on the things that have made it successful. K2M must continue to execute well in a dynamically changing global market. As a global business, K2M must meet the unique needs of its customers. And as a responsible corporate citizen K2M will continue to give back to the community both locally and globally.

In the future K2M will also continue to focus on improving in all areas of its business and holding itself to the highest standards, all while focusing on the development of innovative technologies for less invasive techniques to address the most complex spinal pathologies. K2M will always execute with an ethical and entrepreneurial focus on quality and responsiveness.

Today, after a decade of doing the right things, K2M is the largest private spinal implant company in the world. This success is the result of a passion for quality and excellence in everything we do and it is important to remember that every member of the K2M family contributes to its success. As K2M enters its next decade, it will continue to change the lives of patients around the world.”